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You are a small business with limited funds. We get it. Custom solutions for every business.

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You get a marketing department for less than the cost of hiring a marketing department.

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What is Growth Hacker Marketing?

Growth Hacker Marketing is a marketing philosophy that focuses on Sales Growth as its main goal, while making sure your business is running as efficiently as possible to reduce unnecessary costs. We look at every aspect of your business and take a holistic approach to optimizing each touch point, whether it be digital or offline. Long-term success and viability are achieved when all of your business touch points are aligned.

What our clients say about us

Customize your marketing needs for rapid revenue growth

Growth Hacker Marketing is all about getting sustainable results fast, as we know that sales is the lifeblood of every business.

We also get it that not every business has the disposable money to hire a part-time/full-time marketing employee or a marketing agency.

That’s where we come in.

We have one main goal for your business:

Grow sales fast (but sustainably)

We take a holistic approach to marketing, as we believe that marketing is the binding core of every business:

  • Branding
  • Efficiencies in your internal processes
    • Where you can cut costs and save money
    • Where you can save time and get more done
  • Public relations strategies
  • Social media engagement
  • Pricing strategies
  • Sales strategies
  • And classically so much more!

But here’s the best part of all…

Our ego is driving us to make your business succeed because, here at Growth Hacker Marketing, we’re out to prove to the world what we already know about ourselves…that we are the best. Because of our egotistical ambitions, your business benefits with affordable pricing for your business.

For less than what it would cost you to hire a part-time marketer, we’ll be your full-service marketing agency.

Who are we?

Growth Hacker Marketing is a full service Winnipeg marketing and communications agency. We are a small business with the goal of helping other small businesses succeed. While we are geographically a Winnipeg marketing agency, our reach is has no limits.

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Create or update your website to be SEO friendly and functional for the user, including e-commerce

Content Creation

Creation of engaging & reputable content for social media/website, including written, audio & video

Inbound Strategy

Pull your customers to you with proven inbound marketing strategies

Social Media

Social media planning, engagement, and measuring success

Event Management

Making one of the most stressful jobs easy and flawless


Brand experience and consistency throughout all touch points

Email Marketing

Email list creation and management for effective email marketing

Public Relations

Crisis management or planned public relations strategies

Tender Management

Tender submission processes and monitoring (e.g. RFPs, RFQs, RFIs, etc)

Market Research & Analysis

Extremely in-depth look at your market and what it all means

CRM/CMS Management

Creation and management of your CRM or CMS systems

Graphic Design

Visuals that reflect your brand and your business

Pricing Strategy & E-Commerce

Finding the price point that will sell you more by making it easier for customers to buy


Understanding your business bottlenecks, redundancies, and where you improve cash flow


Planning your business properly with business plans, marketing plans, and financial forecasting

Our Philosophy

We are teachers and storytellers by heart. While we love to do everything for our clients, we also believe in creating a learning environment. 

Our goal is to get your business cranking up sales, so that you can grow in a sustainable way and not break the bank doing it.

For example, we only believe in paid digital advertising for short-term exposure and gains. We’d rather put money into long-term success, which comes in the form of quality and engaging content.

Content is (Still) King

By now, most people should know that content is the single most important thing that you can do to get better search engine rankings. But there is a huge difference in how people create and format content.

Know your audience and create the content they should be reading. Make it engaging. Get rid of the fluff and ambiguous claims, such as “best customer service”, “industry-leading”, or “top-quality materials”. These words mean nothing and hold no weight.

Quantifiable Value

Instead of stuffing your blog articles and brochures with fluff, try to quantify the value for each claim.


Best customer service: Give examples of how you always reach a live person who has been given the authority to handle whatever issue there is, or how you will never be put on hold for more than x amount of minutes, or an award you received in recognition of customer service. Do a survey or Net Promoter Score to give your customer service an actual number.

Industry-leading: Show numbers from independent sources that confirm your product is in fact leading the industry. Do a competitor comparison. The point is to back up the claim, which unfortunately, is something most companies forget to do.

Does your product save the customer money? If it does, tell them how much it will save them.

Is your product better for the environment? If it is, talk about comparative emissions numbers, or how many trees don’t have to be cut down.

Common Myths

Here is something that never fails, regardless if we are feeling out a client with a brand new business or having a casual business conversation with an executive of a multi-million dollar business.

My business is unique.

My business is a niche, so it is totally different than that other business.

We’re very sorry to break it to you, but your business is not that unique when it comes to sales & marketing. While each business will have its preferential marketing methods and philosophies, at the end of the day marketing is marketing.

Obviously, there are differences in the approach, channels, etc., but everything else is the same. You still have to generate quality, engaging content for your website whether you are selling a product or your services. You still are going to use social media to promote brand engagement and interactivity. You’re still going to pay money for advertising.

The other common myth is when we ask our potential clients what their business is.

Answers are always:

  • My business is selling abc product, or
  • My business is selling this service

But the real answer should be:

  • My business markets the abc product, or
  • My business markets this service

Every business is, essentially, a marketing business for whatever it is it sells.

For some people, this is a fundamental change in the way they look at their business: albeit, a necessary one.

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