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Here are a few examples of what we can do for your business

At Growth Hacker Marketing, we’re looking to grow your business fast.

  • More exposure
  • Better brand management
  • Lower costs
  • More efficient systems and processes
  • Major increase in SALES!

Below are a few examples of our website and marketing consultancy work.

Dean’s Plumbing & Heating

In late 2017, Dean’s Plumbing & Heating came to us with a need for greater exposure. What had been working for the last few years needed an upgrade. Word of mouth is great, but it’s not sustainable in a saturated market such as Winnipeg plumbers.

This was a case of a small Winnipeg business owner knowing their business, but not knowing how to market it. This was a classic case of “We’ve always done it that way.”, which consisted of word of mouth and dependency on contractors.

Going online wasn’t a clear winner for this company. There were a lot of hesitations and fears. A fair bit of time was dedicated to thoroughly explaining the process, the possible outcomes and the time it would take to see results. One of Dean’s biggest fears was that his phone would be ringing off the hook once he was online. We assured him that it was a good problem to have and that we would deal with that accordingly if or when it happened, as it was obviously not going to happen overnight.

The other challenge was Dean’s time. We all know that running your own business uses about 140% of your available time. He was concerned that it would be too much effort and wanted to do a very basic website with a few pictures, contact form and not much more.

Dean's Plumbing & Heating logo

Winnipeg Roofers

Winnipeg Roofers is a side project we are working on in our spare time, where we are building a resource website for Winnipeg homeowners who seek roofing or other external renovations knowledge.

We started this website with a goal to educate the Winnipeg public with what they need to know before embarking on a long and costly journey towards renovating their home.

Winnipeg roofers logo

The Little Eggplant

The Little Eggplant is a Winnipeg-based Italian catering company. Started in 2018, The Little Eggplant offers food on the go in the summer with its mobile food truck, as well as year-round catering services to Winnipeg businesses and homes.

As a startup, The Little Eggplant was in need of a website. Growth Hacker Marketing created its e-commerce website from scratch, in addition to assisting with a photo shoot of catering products.

the little eggplant winnipeg catering

North Kildonan Dog Park

The website for the North Kildonan Dog Park is a portal we created in our quest to have the city of Winnipeg install an enclosed, off-leash dog park with Paufeld Park.

It’s there to act as a central place for community members to get access to information, show support, and get their voice heard.

north kildonan dog park logo

Planned Projects

Planned Projects is a service like no other that exists at the time of its conception. In a nutshell, similar home renovation projects within a defined area are consolidated and taken to tender. Planned Projects controls the entire project process from start to finish. This includes creating an open source tendering system, scoring the tenders using a proprietary algorithm, vetting the qualified proponents thoroughly, awarding the tender, and finally making sure that the project gets done right and on time.

The best part about this service is that homeowners don’t pay more than the contractors’ original quote, which means that it is basically free, and the homeowner actually still gets a discount.

Planned Projects is great for contractors as well, since the jobs are guaranteed and organized in a way that the contractors aren’t losing money due to inefficient logistics.

This is one more example of the innovative thinking that you will experience with Growth Hacker Marketing!

planned projects logo

Bring It Now

Bring It Now is a unique service that focuses on adding to the on-demand delivery services available to Winnipeg. While most companies focus on restaurant food delivery or grocery delivery, Bring It Now focuses on retail products.

When was the last time you needed a specific item from Home Depot, Home Hardware, or Rona to complete a project that you were in the middle of doing but didn’t want to spend an hour of your time going to the store to get it?

Or, when you couldn’t make it to your niece’s birthday party and had no way of sending her a gift on her special day?

Or, when you ran out of an ingredient while making supper?

We’ve all had instances where we need something asap, or later in the day but have no way of getting it. That’s where Bring It Now comes in.

What is so unique about Bring It Now?

Bring It Now is unique because:

  • You choose the store you want the product from
  • You choose whether you want it in an hour or less, or later in the day
  • You can literally choose almost any retail product from any brick and mortar store in the Winnipeg area

When we talk about Bring It Now, we are talking about Growth Hacker Marketing having the innovative mind to come up with unique solutions to everyday problems.

That is what you can expect from us here at Growth Hacker Marketing!

Bring It Now Logo