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Dean’s Plumbing & Heating Case Study


In late 2017, Dean’s Plumbing & Heating came to us with a need for greater exposure. What had been working for the last few years needed an upgrade. Word of mouth is great, but it’s not sustainable in a saturated market such as Winnipeg plumbers.

This was a case of a small Winnipeg business owner knowing their business, but not knowing how to market it. This was a classic case of “We’ve always done it that way.”, which consisted of word of mouth and dependency on contractors.

Going online wasn’t a clear winner for this company. There were a lot of hesitations and fears. A fair bit of time was dedicated to thoroughly explaining the process, the possible outcomes and the time it would take to see results. One of Dean’s biggest fears was that his phone would be ringing off the hook once he was online. We assured him that it was a good problem to have and that we would deal with that accordingly if or when it happened, as it was obviously not going to happen overnight.

The other challenge was Dean’s time. We all know that running your own business uses about 140% of your available time. He was concerned that it would be too much effort and wanted to do a very basic website with a few pictures, contact form and not much more.


Wanting to break free from the cycle of how things were done in the past, and create more independent visibility, we agreed to building a website.

The first step was to secure a domain name. Within a few minutes of looking, we discovered that winnipegplumbingheating(.ca) was the closest descriptive url available. Unfortunately, winnipegplumbers(.ca) was selling for $3500 USD at that time.

Before beginning anything, we went over a “way of working“. We encouraged Dean to set a respond time to inquiries, based on the priority and potential of the lead. To help determine which leads were better opportunities, we implemented a contact form that included fields for when the customer wanted it done and the ability to upload images.

Dean’s Plumbing had already done a logo a few years back, so we were off to the races. Knowing that the domain should become active as soon as possible in order to start getting Google to recognize it, we built a functioning, bare-bones site. It consisted of a front page, a plumbing page, a heating page, a contact page.

The next step saw us build out the plumbing and heating pages, so potential customers would know what services he offered. To start, we did the main ones. Then we added the About page. Next, we started on the Learning Center. After all, content is still king.

Over the course of the next few months, our main focus was building up the blog (Learning Center). We also built out a few other minor service pages and added to the weight of the front page.

Once the website was established and ranking, our sights turned to social media. After much discussion, however, we decided against it as the website was already producing enough that Dean could not take on any more work without expanding his business, which was not a major priority.


Within a few short weeks of going live, we appeared on page 12 of Google results for our main keywords.

After three months, we were on page 5.

A few weeks later, we arrived on page 2.

However, we actually had to dial our efforts back a bit, as one of the parameters of our work was to not be too successful, as there was only so much work the company could handle. Getting larger was not a major focus. Being consistently busy, without having ten phone calls a day, was the focus. So, getting to page 1 is something we have been directed not to do, albeit it being counter-intuitive.

Just over a year later, we are proud to say that the website is averaging about two qualified leads a day, which is exactly what our client wanted.